Breaking the Sugar Habit: A Daily Recommitment


CandyCorn Image Credit: Cajsa Lilliehook

Sugar fogs my brain. And I don’t care.

I use food from time to time to escape. And when I need to escape, there are few things that derail my sugar express train from reaching its destination. I’m much improved I’ll have you know. I’ve graduated from the days of drawing the curtains, taking the phone off the hook and curling up by candlelight with a sexy piece of chocolate fudge cake. (Don’t you dare judge me.)

Nearly 40 pounds of flesh gone battling this most recent sugar war, however I still slip, slide and escape the stressors and overwhelming excitement of life with what I call recreationalouttakes (sugary treats). I’m human. I lovingly accept this about myself until my fat dresses (the loose-fitting tenty ones) get recirculated into my wardrobe. Even during the pounds down and healthful living months, I may covet your…

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