Nova Scotia

Exhibit A: Proof There’s More Than Snow in Nova Scotia…


Greetings fellow Angelenos back in California.  Yes, I have landed in Nova Scotia, Canada and with less than a week under my belt, I’m taking a quick moment to post a terrific time lapse video highlighting the waterfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

When I discovered this video – shot entirely on iPhones – I knew I needed to share it with the friends and family who cautioned me of the abysmal COLD out here in Nova Scotia.

Well, as you all continue to roast out there this week in Los Angeles (and of course that dig comes with a little love too) – do take a couple moments to experience the following:


And hat’s off to Doug Townsend and TJ Maguire for utter coolness as well as vital evidence that there’s more than snow out here in Nova Scotia! Thanks for building my case guys!!!


Image Credit: David Brown

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