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Confessions of a Miseducated Dieter – A Blog Series and Online Forum on Health & Community Wellness

Miseducated Dieter.Graphic

Contrary to popular belief, for most veteran dieters the battle to break the “pound-barrier” doesn’t stem from laziness or even an unwillingness to learn about what constitutes healthy eating and active living. Truth be told, finding a “healthy” and sustainable food plan is utterly confusing. We are flooded with information on where and how to get started – and even the “experts” are at war with one another.

And yet we carry on. Feeling at times defeated and greatly misrepresented, we are striving for healthy living too. Not only for ourselves, but for our families, within the schools where we send our children and the social environments around us. Our “miseducation” around sugar, fat, dieting and obesity is making us sicker and fatter all over the globe.

But what can we do about it?

The Miseducated Dieter series hosted on covers specific topics including: Biology & Obesity; Exercise & Diet; Emotional Eating; Big Food Marketing to Children; Black Lives & The Built Environment; Youth Health Initiatives & Global Coalition Building inviting readers to reevaluate how they can improve their personal health, with opportunities for sharing information learned with others at home, in the classroom, their community or online through social media. Catch up now!


MisEdPromo.FBThe Miseducated Dieter page on Facebook is a community-driven social forum for those on (or still recovering from) a diet! Established to identify some of the conflicting news on all things “dietary” — the forum also highlights books, articles, inspiring quotes, and helpful resources to combat the growing influx of misinformation on what makes for “healthy” eating and active living across the globe.

-Graphic Artist/Illustrator: Devin O’Sullivan

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