Women of Faith

Why (Do) I Bother

IMG_5469The odds are stacked against me!
They always lie and cheat
It breaks the heart
And scars the flesh
How am I sharpened by defeat?!

Why do I bother, Lord Almighty
Poor souls to finish last?
It makes me weary,
All feels lost,
Those with PRIVILEGE gain a pass!

Why do I bother, Jesus!
My tears ungrateful, You said to ask…

…The Spirit whispers, I can hear Him
So divine, he shares my task:

“It is time for your surrender,” He answers
“Stand down, You aren’t alone
I have kept every single promise, girl –
Within you now resides His throne…

Great winds will hit their coldest chill,
And as you face the longest hill,
I’m with you most,
As is the Ghost,
It is finished, God is real.

Whichever path you travel,
No matter how long, or deep, or wide,
Come to Him – FIRST
He will not fail,
He is with you, don’t break stride

But even when you cast your doubts,
Your fists raging at the sky,
There is counsel,
a guiding force,
a light,
Residing in you from most High

You bother by design, My child
So beautifully and wonderfully made,
Remain steadfast through
their snipes and snarls,
It sharpens iron for you, most brave.

Now tell the others who can hear Me
They’re strengthened by this too
Remind them how you’re devoted to Me,
Your scars and imperfections,
Prove His Word true.

You must bother by design, My love
All are chosen for each task,
Your heart is bold,
Now go, Take hold –
His work and promises, unsurpassed.”

I pass this along,
loved ones and friends
Take from them what you will,
Some will snicker by design,
No worries, I’ve had my fill

He’s with me morning, noon and night
I’m learning, from Psalmists and the Word…
My breath quickens as I grab my pen
He assures me, I am heard

Rest easy for the night, my dears
Relief by day is coming too,
Have no fear –
Our King is near
It’s TODAY, Begin anew

I bother because it’s by design
And at times painful is the cost,
But through my fear,
The King is here…

…Never again will I be lost.

Author: Kimberly A. Cooper
Excerpted from ‘The Scribe’
Copyright, © July 2017

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