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Breaking the Sugar Habit: A Daily Recommitment

Sugar knows how to work it. Sugar takes the edge off when life is rough, and adds extra sweetness when life shines brightly. Champagne toast anyone?
The nurses gave lollipops after those mean nasty shots, and ice-cream socials were rewards for being good girls and boys out on the playground at public school. A most divine Nina Simone sirened for sugar in her bowl in 1967 for the bluesy grown ups, while Kellogg’s kept it real with Sugar Smacks cereal for the kiddos well over a decade prior (1953). The sugar pushers were here long before I arrived, and will continue long after I’m gone. Sugar isn’t going anywhere so I must be prepared…

LAUSD Aborts ‘Computer Per Student’ Program with Apple

Education technology and access to social media provide a gateway into information that’s fast and wide-reaching. Many (though not all) of today’s students already have access to social media tools outside of the classroom, so providing equal distribution of those tools within the school environment for low-income communities has its benefits. So where does this leave our students?

The #OpenTruth: How Big Soda Targets Minority Youth

My role as gatekeeper to the “sugar express” isn’t made any easier by the ploys and strategic marketing campaigns by the sugary beverage industry pushing sugar-loaded beverages through educational incentives for parents and teens. As if the showdown for sweets at the check-out aisle with my teenager isn’t enough, Big Soda is also spinning the consumption of their products through scholarships and tuition toward higher education…