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The Goody Bag Girl (Memoir Excerpt)

October 27, 1995.  The corridor was too narrow for me to walk alongside her as the paramedics rolled the gurney through the triage unit of the emergency room.  I was left to walk closely behind them, but still near enough to gently whisper into her right ear, “Kimmy’s still here.”

Breaking the Sugar Habit: A Daily Recommitment

Sugar knows how to work it. Sugar takes the edge off when life is rough, and adds extra sweetness when life shines brightly. Champagne toast anyone?
The nurses gave lollipops after those mean nasty shots, and ice-cream socials were rewards for being good girls and boys out on the playground at public school. A most divine Nina Simone sirened for sugar in her bowl in 1967 for the bluesy grown ups, while Kellogg’s kept it real with Sugar Smacks cereal for the kiddos well over a decade prior (1953). The sugar pushers were here long before I arrived, and will continue long after I’m gone. Sugar isn’t going anywhere so I must be prepared…

The Miseducated Dieter: Black Lives & The Built Environment with Gangsta Gardener Ron Finley (Coming October 2017)

While it’s easy to say: make your own food, eat more vegetables and fruits, and get outside and walk more – not all community environments were created equitably to accomplish these goals. What happens when your neighborhood community is saturated with junk-food infested liquor stores and healthy options aren’t regularly accessible?

When Eating is the Tip of the Iceberg…

“You need to hide me because I’m running away from home,” Julie whispered as she reached the front steps of my porch. Her golden curls disheveled, she’d arrived pulling a red Radio Flyer wagon containing packaged cookies, several donuts and a bag of candy stolen from her mother’s kitchen just over a block away. Julie was my best friend throughout elementary school, but given we were only in the 4th grade at the time, I knew my mom wouldn’t go for it. I was more puzzled that Julie’s wagon didn’t contain anything else – no toys, pajamas, her backpack, or even a toothbrush. Only food…