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Keep it Simple: A Miracle Drink For Your Health

Every once and awhile we need a little reminder about some of the simpler solutions for promoting health and nutrition education available through social media. Mainstream news outlets and entertainment television consistently bombard us (along with our children) with various ways to stay satiated – however most of these remedies (sports drinks, juices, soda) contain added sugars, supplements and other ingredients harmful to our bodies.

Well, Literatigurl is keeping it simple by highlighting a fun and creative reminder that the true miracle drink for your health is still closer than you may recall:

(Special thanks to Dr. Mike Evans in Toronto, Canada for providing this innovative social media tool for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals committed to improving healthy bodies through nutrition education.)

For additional information, check out Dr. Mike’s Health Media Lab that fuses “clinicians and creatives, filmmakers and patients, social entrepreneurs and best evidence to create “edutaining” healthcare information.”

Thanks Dr. Mike!!

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